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Selling Online made Easy.

Creating a great product is difficult. Selling it doesn’t need to be. Welcome to Confiance E-Commerce, where we’ve Reimagined Wholesale.

Sales Increasing

About Us

You Know Your PRODUCT,

We Know How To SELL

Creating a great product is complex, but selling it doesn’t need to be.

We started Confiance E-Commerce during the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2021 to help Brands Worldwide sell their products online and beat the impact of the Pandemic and the “lockdowns” imposed.

Selling online is hard; without our help, it might have been impossible for many brands. That’s why we decided to Reimagine Wholesale by using our years of experience selling online to help scale brands and exponentially grow their sales through e-commerce.

We have seen fantastic success; since then, we have helped hundreds of brands grow their online presence. They are scaling their businesses and increasing their profits exponentially through the power of e-commerce.

Partner with us. We’ll do the hard work of selling online, so you can focus on what you enjoy—creating more great products.

Sell Expert

Why Choose Us

Wholesale Reimagined

At Confiance E-Commerce, we have Reimagined Wholesale.

We help brands connect with millions of customers by distributing and marketing their products effectively on cutting-edge platforms to drive sales, and growth, at exponential levels.

For us, Wholesale is not just reselling a product.

It’s an opportunity to partner with Amazing Brands. Helping them sell and distribute more of their products effectively, and profitably, by leveraging the power of e-commerce.

If your brand is serious about growing profits, and growing your market share, join the revolution by getting in touch with our expert team!

What can we do for your business

Benefits of Reimagined Wholesale

Alarm Clock

Save Time

We can handle marketing, distribution, and e-commerce platforms, saving your time.

Sales Increasing

Grow Revenue and Profit

We leverage eCommerce to increase sales and streamline the process to increase your profit.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

We help you sell online to grow your customer base without adding the fixed cost of additional Brick-and-Mortar stores.

Falling Money
Sky Rocket

Skyrocket Sales

We leverage the exponential power of eCommerce to Skyrocket your sales.


Increase Cashflow

We buy inventory upfront. We freeing up your cash flow and reducing your risk. 

Build Brand Awareness

We grow brand awareness by promoting your product to millions of buyers online, already interested in your product.


What People Are Saying

“I love Confiance E-Commerce! They have reimagined wholesale and can help you improve your website, Facebook ads, emails, and more. They’re an excellent option for anyone who needs help to grow their online sales. They have helped me improve my sales and conversions by optimizing my content across various sales channels.”

Alex Struweg

CEO, Rocket Wings LLC


“What I like best about Confiance E-Commerce is that they don’t just do Wholesale. They provide customized, individualized support to each client, which means you get the best possible results for your business. I highly recommend Confiance E-Commerce if you want help growing your business and online sales!

Helena Smith

Partner, Studio Gear Incorporated

“Confiance E-Commerce has a team of experts who know how to improve your website and online sales. They will help you create a custom plan that fits your needs and budget. You can trust that they will help you grow your business and achieve your goals. I highly recommend their services!”

Antonio Compbell

Owner, Antonio's Tackle Box LLC

5 Star Review

Proven Platforms we use to sell

Great Platform + Great Product = Profit!

“Store A” had a fantastic product, but only a few knew about it. Sales were slow, and they struggled to get traction. That’s where Confiance E-Commerce came in, they knew how to sell online and used their knowledge of the industry to skyrocket the sales of “Store A”. But what was even more impressive was that they did it all while keeping the fun and excitement alive!

We know the industry, and we have seen success using the following platforms:


Amazon (FBA)

Anyone selling a product should sell on Amazon. Our knowledge of their market will expose you to millions of customers.

Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing

A significant part of selling online is marketing your brand to increase brand awareness. We help growing brands increase consumers’ awareness of their brands. 


E-Commerce Sites

 We help growing brands setup and maintain their own eCommerce site, an essential step of diversifying your income, and reducing risk.

Package Delivery

Fulfillment by Manufacturer

We can help brands who manufacture their own products realize their full potential by showing them our secret money-saving hacks, giving them a competitive edge.

Walmart Symbol

Walmart (WFS)

Walmarts online store is an emerging market with endless opportunities for First-Movers. We help brands establish their presence before competitors.

Affiliate Marketing Person

Affiliates and Influencers

There are people capable of reaching millions of people who love your product, and we can show you how to partner with affiliates and influencers to grow exponentially.

Partner with us. We’ll do the hard work of selling online, so you can focus on what you enjoy—creating more great products.